The ClearCode platform is a suite of tools seamlessly working together to optimize your entire software development, application management, and enterprise automation processes. Dive in to any section below to start learning more!

Topics: Administration, User Management, Access Controls, REST API and Client Tools

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Continuous integration generates a constant stream of new revisions that need to be further validated through the quality assurance process. ClearCode Flow delivers cross-team automation for your entire software delivery pipeline to quickly identify and promote viable release candidates.

Topics: Pipeline Management, Flow Plugins and Tutorials

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The ClearCode Automate framework is a proven, enterprise-class solution that delivers cloud management, agentless infrastructure management and operations automation for IT resources, both in traditional data centers as well as virtualized assets. Automate is a foundational component of the ClearCode platform.

Topics: Tasks, Assets and Credentials, Clouds and Cloud Accounts

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ClearCode Deploy is the one and only continuous deployment framework available today that empowers agile development teams to create fresh testing environments in your data center or the cloud, manage them throughout the entire development lifecycle, and destroy them when you're done, all so you can publish reliable code faster.

Topics: Application Templates, Deploying Applications, and Tutorials

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Using ClearCode Canvas, a rich and fully customized user experience can be added to ClearCode tools in addition to the built-in capabilities. Canvas provides all the features necessary to complete the circle and provide comprehensive user interaction and reporting, customized to each pipeline and application that ClearCode manages.

Topics: Layouts, Widgets and Datasources

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